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Please Help Naming Sanja's Hamsters

Monday, October 13, 2008 Day 473 current treadmill total: 254,534.31 meters! (21:55 CET)

You're probably gonna think this is rigged ...

Remember, asking for help on naming Sanja's two Roborovski-hamster-sisters ?

We did get some great suggestions:

Judy, Canada I love to check out LUCY HamsterTracker.com on a regular basis.
I would like to suggest names: NEIGHBOR & HOOD for your cute new Roborovski sisters.
I have a friend who used to have two dogs by these names and thought it was cute for a pair of pets.
Karen, USA I think the Roborovski sisters should be named: Pip- (for the one on our left with the pink nose showing) and Sherbet- (for the other one on our right.)
Judith, UK Hi, my name is Judith and I am from the UK - near to Cambridge. I always check in on Lucy to see how she is doing and I have kept hamsters in the past. At the moment I have a crazy cat and some Giant African Land Snails.
I like the names 'Tally' and 'Taos'. I just think they are sweet names but have no one to give them to at present. My cat is called Louis after one of the vampires in 'Interview with the Vampire' and I can't tell the snails apart so they are just called 'the guys'! I would be happy for the little hamsters to have these names (if you like them). They are beautiful babies! All best wishes Judith.

We also suggested a pair ourself:

Mathijs & Lucy 3.0, Netherlands We suggest Jamy & Julie. Those were the names of my first and second hamster. Ofcourse they were not sisters, it would be nice for them to be, (right) now.

Sanja's response:

" Thank you for the wonderfull suggestions !
All name-suggestions do have something cute and funny !

There was one suggestion that popped out;
: " - Sanja

Allow me (Sanja) to introduce; Jamy and Julie:

Sanja's hamsters: Jamy and Julie !!!
" These are wonderfull names for these two siters ! " - Sanja

Sanja's hamsters: Jamy and Julie !!!
" Julie is the fanatic hamster who loves her treadmill !
Jamy is the curious hamster who loves to groom in her 'lab'.
" - Sanja

Sanja's hamsters: Jamy and Julie !!!
" This last week they discovered the joy of,
running TOGETHER in the treadmill !
You just CAN'T stop watching it !
We'll send you a photograph of it as soon as it's made.
" - Sanja

HamsterTracker™-Shouts to you Sanja & Jamy and Julie !

Can't wait to see a 'dual-runnin'-treadmill shot'

Sunday, September 21, 2008 Day 451 current treadmill total: 251,171.09 meters! (20:35 CET)

From the HamsterTracker™-Mailbox

A Question for us all by Sanja:

Sanja's two Roborovski Hamster Sisters, need names !
" They just came from the adoption center,
and are making themselfs feel right at home.
These are two Roborovski (the smallest hamster kind) sisters.
These to cuties are not even 8 weeks old and they stole my heart right away.
Problem is... I have difficulties on naming them, would you have suggestions ?
" - Sanja

Management meetings have been taking place;
as it seems, the HamsterTracker™-Naming Dept has (quite) some leftover time,
to assist the HamsterTracker™-Mailbox Department.

So we're asking you to send in your two name suggestions !

Rules: You can enter once and you have to tell a little bit about yourself,
(who are you, where from etc...),
your two suggested names,
as well as how you came to your suggestions.

Because we think Sanja needs these names quickly,
( How do you call your nameless pet... in case of an emergency ?? )
the closing date is next Sunday, September 28, 23:59 HamsterTracker™-Time!

Please send it to Peacoque <dot> Labs <at> iae <dot> nl

HamsterTracker™-Shouts to Sanja and your two cute new pets.

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