This Extreme HamsterTrackin' photo was made in Kenia, Africa.

Extreme HamsterTrackin' Kenia

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Thursday, October 25, 2007 Day 119 current treadmill total: 180,235.12 meters! (17:25 CET)

Extreme HamsterTrackin' in Kenia !

This is an Extreme HamsterTrackin' entry with a twist;
about a month ago the website was all over the Dutch news.

a snippet from their website:

" Your own name written by hand in the sand of the Kenyan Bamburi Beach.
Your name is written by Moses and Joan Onoo and their team.
You receive a beautiful colour print on high-quality photographic paper
of your beach name photo by regular mail (20 x 30 cm/8 x 12 inches) and email...

... and ...

" ... Before the beach name project started, Moses worked as a night watchman at a hotel at the minimum wage of 2250 Kenyan shillings per month (approximately 25 / US$ 30) for 25 twelve-hour nights. ... "

So by ordering this HamsterTracker™ is helping out in Kenia,
in return they'll do some Extreme HamsterTrackin' in a previously un-HamsterTracked continent !

WIN WIN for BOTH parties!

Here's the emailed photograph we recieved:

Extreme HamsterTrackin' in Kenia.

In the snail-mail-box of the paper version also arrived!

Extreme HamsterTrackin' in Kenia.
" I think it's Moses and Joan sitting
at the left of the HamsterTracker artwork!
" - HamsterTracker™

As it seems, after the Dutch news coverage,
they got over a 1000 orders! The whole community over there is helping out to process all orders!
(and they are all financially gaining from it in the process)

So if you're still looking for that perfect Birthday-, Xmas- or other gift...
Check out

Extreme HamsterTracker™-shouts to Moses and Joan and their Team.

Thanks again for all the work involved!
More info:

Global Extreme HamsterTrackin'.
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