This Extreme HamsterTrackin' photo was taken in Iceland

Extreme HamsterTrackin' Iceland

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Extreme Icelandic HamsterTrackin'

Sandra did quite some HamsterTracker™ promotion in Iceland:

Sandra's picture of an Iceland-view.

But as it seems, Sandra has spent quite some time in promoting HamsterTracker™ and Lucy:

Sandra's (Iceland,) HamsterTracker promotion.

"Dear Traveller:
You, the one who's travelling through
this land of ice and sky so blue
the very best thing you can do
is take the garbag home with you
thank you

I think this is absolutely beautifull!

Sandra's (Iceland,) HamsterTracker promotion.
The Lucy picture was nailed to the board using an original vulcanic stone!
(Sandra assured me!)

Sandra's (Iceland,) HamsterTracker promotion.
So far, nobody has phoned in...

Picture of HamsterTracker(tm) promotion in Iceland, by Sandra.

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