This Extreme HamsterTrackin' photo was taken in Romania.

Extreme HamsterTrackin' Romania

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Saturday, August 25, 2007 Day 58 current treadmill total: 149,189.91 meters! (21:20 CET)

Extreme HamsterTrackin' in Romania

" My name is Psusennes (don't know exactly what that means,
but my Mom told me, he was a king in Egypt long long ago),
I am a nearly one year old male Teddy-Hamster,
living with my Mom and Dad in a small town near Frankfurt/Main in Germany.
" - Psusennes

Meet Psusennes, the hamster from Germany.
" We are all big fans of you and I can't wait until it's evening
and my parents let my out of my cage,
so I can check with them the latest news of you on your webpage.
After looking at your homepage and espacially the nice pictures of you,
I always get very excited.
So I have to go to the bathroom to do my evening exercises.
My favourite is climbing up the bathtube.
You can watch me doing that on
" - Psusennes

Meet Psusennes, the hamster from Germany.
" A few weeks ago my Mum visited Transylvania in Romania
and she brought back a picture of you
in front of the so called birthplace of a guy called Dracula
alias Vlad the Impaler (whatever Vlad means ;-)) in Sighisoara (Schäßburg).
I was told that Lucy was a very brave girl in front of this Dracula guys home
(but I never expected different from her).
" - Psusennes

Extreme HamsterTracker™-shouts to you Psusennes and Mum!

Country number 25 (!) to add to the Extreme HamsterTrackin' list!

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