This Extreme HamsterTrackin' photo was taken in Bulgaria.

Extreme HamsterTrackin' Bulgaria

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Monday, March 10, 2008 Day 256 current treadmill total: 216,660.25 meters! (19:00 CET)

Extreme HamsterTrackin' Bulgaria !

This one almost fell through the Mailbox cracks;

" Nick send in this photo of Jerry, all the way from Bulgaria, a little while ago. " - HamsterTracker™-Mailbox Dept.

Extreme HamsterTrackin' hamster Jerry, by Nick.
" Heres a cool picture of Jerry for the website! " - Nick

HamsterTracker™-Shouts to you Nick & Jerry !

You're the first from Bulgaria !!!

(When Lucy heard about this long time to process an email...)

My hamster Lucy's reaction.
" Dude, you must be joking ? " - Lucy

My hamster Lucy's reaction.
" Did this take that long to process ? " - Lucy

My hamster Lucy's reaction.
" I am teachin' you here ! " - Lucy

My hamster Lucy's reaction.
" That's not nice to my FANS, Dude ! " - Lucy

My hamster Lucy's reaction.
" Nibble " - Lucy

My hamster Lucy's reaction.
" For tha lesson; I am not sharing this one ! " - Lucy

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