Extreme HamsterTrackin' in Austria.

Extreme HamsterTrackin' Austria

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Tuesday, January 2, 2007 - day 565 - current treadmill total: 464,749.41 meters! (13:00 CET)

Xtreme HamsterTrackin' by Katie and Steve (part 1)

Regular sender-inner Katie,
went all the way to Europe with Steve to do some Xtreme HamsterTrackin'.

Here's the full report:

"My boyfriend Steve and I went on a river cruise down the Danube for Christmas.
Of course Lucy came along for some Xtreme HamsterTrackin!
Having Lucy along made a fabulous trip even better!!
" - Katie

Extreme HamsterTrackin' in Vienna by Katie
" In Vienna Lucy was in front the the Schönbrunn Palace " - Katie

HamsterTracker™ shouts to Katie and Steve

That's two new countries that have been Xtreme HamsterTracker-ed!

More info:

Global Extreme HamsterTrackin'.

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